Web designing plus is the trading name of myself, Chris Harfield. A free lance web designer based in Kings Norton, Birmingham UK. As a free lance web designer i take your project from start to finish. From the initial design footprint through to the customer buy off. I work in HTML5 CSS3 PHP, Logo design and branding. Creating websites, flyers and numerous print material.

Web design and the internet has always been a fascination and passion to me since the days of dial up and the screeching of every connection. How times have changed. I turned my passion and fascination into a career in web design. Developing and designing websites that are mobile ready, user friendly and packed with all any business could need to succeed.

Every project brings its own excitement across abroad scope of business. I am privelleged to work with and to have met some fascinating people and i always learn something new. What more can you want form a career.

Web designing plus was born with a passion and desire in web design and website develiopment. Static pages and static web design is fine in certain instances, but to really succeed, you need to engage and integrate your web presence. Using the power of social media and your website and combining the two to work for your business / project is the overall key to succes.

With over fifteen years involvement of websites including ecommerce, chat applications, cgi, php, html and photshop, i have a wealth of knowledge and experience that i bring and deliver to website design and development, Seo and site structure, cms systems, social media integration and image / logo design. Employing 'good SEO practice', structured websites for page optimisation and delivering a robust platform to launch your new website and business venture.