How important is SEO?

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimsation is the fine art of reaching out to all those search queries relevant to your business in the target area of where you provide those services. For instance, if you provide a landscaping service with your customer base in swindon, then you are on your way to comprehending where to focus your "onpage" SEO.

Seo is not a "do it once" job done forever process. There are many factors that may impact your ranking.. Competitor activity and evolving search engine algorthyms can both have adverse effects on your rankings. There are plenty more other factors which we wont go into here. 

A free tool for getting clear results is to use a chrome etension called FatRank Click the link to download this free rank checker.

Understand the true picture of your website rankings.

The most common phrase i hear is "when i type a search query into Google, my website shows top, so i am number one for that query". No, this isnt true. Using your web broswer to check your rankings is not going to deliver real results. You have more likely entered your query into Google and then gone on to view your site from the results. Either way AI like google, learns from your activity and delivers content around your trends and popular website visits. To get a true picture, you should use specific website ranking software.

Should i care about SEO or just use Google ads?

Google ads, infact all search engies that show paid adverts are filling the visible screen of search query results. With Google the first four results are paid adverts (if the query has adverts running. Paid adverts are big business and a real money spinner. Should you use Paid adverts? Well the truth is it doe not harm, if you budget allows it.

So should you Care about Seo if youre running Ads? The answer is Yes yes yes. If your budget allows you to run paid adverts then spending money on your SEO should not be an excuse not to do it. Every visitor, is a potential customer.

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As a web designer and seo practioner, my website should be always in tip top position. However, when work is busy, it is quite easy for your own website to go neglected. This is true of my own website. However, from the snapshot below you will see that in  a short space of time, the trend is turning. 

The graph in the picture below shows the upward trend in visits, time spent on site amd the dotted section shows the previous periods results.

What did i do differently? Well in truth, the website had been starved of "Seo love" for quite a while. and so i delved back into it using the effective seo techniques for 2021 that are highlighted in a previous post

As you can see, it is early days, but the trend is upwards and forwards. The bounce rate is down, the amount of time users are on the website is up. It is all positive stuff. Just a point to note "web design and Seo" are a highly competitve category when it comes to paid adverts, so even with paid adverts, Seo shows that you should in no way ever dismiss SEO.

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