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website maintenance packages

content and imagery
Page speed
SEO ranking and monitoring
Monitoring user flow
Keeping ahead of trends
Adjustments to keywords

Website maintenance packages are flexible.

Weekly or monthly. The cost is hourly based. The focus is your choice. Website content | Seo ranking and adjustments.
No contract, Stop and start your maintenance package as you wish. Upgrade / downgrade your budget anytime

1. Select the hours you wish to budget for.
2. Select weekly or monthly
3. Select the include options you wish to cater for and leave the rest to us.

maintenance packages

Website maintenance packages


Why your website should have a maintenance package?

SEO is evolving as is artificial intelligence. On top of that your competitors maybe already staying on top of their SEO. Either or both ways, staying on top of your website ranking will keep your website as high in the rankings as possible and may also identify opportunites.

Website maintenance packages are designed around your business objects. More sales, more leads, higher rankings, up to date content. Keeping your CMS system, plugins and tools updated improves your website security.

Now you have your website online it's time to keep it up to date. Whether it be content tweaks or alterations, additions or adding offers, we have a website maintenance package to keep your website up to date and fresh.

content and imagery changes / additions

Keeping your website up to date with your business is essential. Covid19 has taught us all that changes can happen overnight. Keeping your website visitors up to date, improves buyer confidence.


Pagespeed is a Google ranking factor. So any tweaks to your websites page speed is a plus.

Competitor activity

Monitoring competitor activity whilst monitoring your own performance and opportunites will keep your website up there.

SEO ranking and monitoring.

Monitoring phrases / keywords for there rankings and search volumes offer opportunities that will can be implementted to boost your website interactions, sales and leads.

Monitoring user flow

Monitoring userflow or how a visitor treks through your webistes identifies what is important to them, and what pages they view before either making contact with you or exiting the website. Minor tweaks or changes to imrove the user experience to ensure a fast, pleasant and easy amount of time spent on your website.

Keeping ahead of trends.

The world is an ever changing environment, and so it the WWW. Staying in touch with visitor trends identifies opportunites and thus improve ROI.

Adjustments to keywords

monitoring seo may identify slight changes to keywords and volumes. With the ever increasing "voice search" artificial intelligence key words are likely to become key phrases. For example with voice search a user is more likely to ask a question, such as, "where can i get my car washed locally?". measured against type input searches the term would more likely be "local car wash"

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